Dukemount Capital PLC



As well as the 2, KV11 powers deals just announced, the Long dated income player Dukemount Capital is set to rollout further projects byway of JV's, the lengthen of the income model is approximately 10 years, the focus will be on gas peaking plants, as well as batteries both types balance the fluctuating power requirement in the grid and major power supplies, operate during periods of high level demand or shortfalls of electricity supply. This problem is set to become more acute in the transition to renewable energy sources. The plus point for Dukemount is that at times when energy is in short supply, gas peakers and batteries can charge top dollar. Now that the company is set to manage the construction of the gas peaking and batteries projects.


Dukemount has started preliminary discussion with potential JV partners, the targeted pipeline is approximately 100MW and will cost in the vicinity of £38 million, if the JV funding should be successful this will allow funding for this project without further dilution.